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Autumn-Inspired Color Palettes – A Fresh take on the Classics

October 24, 2023

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Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. Crisp and sunny days followed by chilly evenings. The kind of evenings where guests can dance the night away under the stars and not break a sweat. However, when talking about autumn-inspired color palettes I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the typical combinations.

While I do appreciate a good Marigold and Burnt Orange shade on the leaves of falling trees, the season has so much more to offer. In 2024, bold color palettes are trending, offering a fresh take on autumn aesthetics. Let’s explore three color palettes that embrace the essence of Autumn in unexpected ways while still maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

Mint and Sepia: A Vintage Garden Dream

For the first of our autumn-inspired color palettes, let’s explore the dramatic side of Fall. The soft, refreshing hues of mint pair effortlessly with the warm, nostalgic tones of sepia, but don’t be fooled this bold color combination lends itself to opulence and drama.

This is the time to pull out the fine china and embrace rich mahogany. I envision lush velvet furniture touched with fringe. Beautifully etched glassware and fine china adorn the table. Finally, the floral design has a natural and modern feel to keep the design fresh.

Pale Butter Yellow & Burnt Saffron: A Warm Autumn Affair

Let’s dive into the second of our autumn-inspired color palettes! This look is filled with warmth and vibrancy, with a delightful pairing of pale butter yellow and burnt saffron. These colors absolutely capture the essence of the season.

I picture a cozy wedding with pale yellow blooms and saffron-hued details. Blind-embossed details on escort cards and menus balance out the exuberance of this palette. To wrap it all up, I would add touches of matte black help to ground this vibrant and inviting fall celebration.

Rose and Olive: Timeless Elegance

There is something so enchanting about the combination in the last of our autumn-inspired color palettes. the duo of rose and olive. Embracing the earthy tones of rose and olive creates a modern take on the typical blush and green palette. The result is a sophisticated combination that suits a wide range of occasions. Whether it’s a classic wedding, a refined gala, or an intimate dinner.

I imagine a modern garden wedding that feels stately while at the same time, romantic. Antique-style dishes feel modern in a black-and-white color scheme and alongside tortoise-shell flatware. While monochromatic rose florals and lush baby’s breath installations bring softness. Matte black accents in heavy fabrics or wood bring depth and warmth to the space.

Looking for more inspiration? Head back to the journal where we are constantly adding more inspiration to help make your event unforgettable!

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