With a myriad of decisions in front of you, you want someone to help you create the Big Vision for your event and express it in thoughtful details. 

But you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the pieces that you have to put together and you simply don’t have the time to spend on browsing Pinterest. 

You may feel strongly about a few core pieces of your event, but you find it hard to visualize what you want it to look like. 

You Want Your Event
to be an Affair to Remember

You Want Your Event to be
an Affair to Remember

And equip you with practical tools & resources to bring the aesthetics to life.

I help you design a special celebration to share with your loved ones

Interlacing artistry and purposeful storytelling, 

Let’s bring your imaginative aesthetics to life. 

The visual boards and mockups created during the development phase can be shared with your vendors for easy communication and execution. For full-scope services, I'll be with you every step of the way, including day-of styling. 


Now it’s time to make your event personal and truly you. 

With an artistic eye, I’ll help you create unique details. From color schemes and custom branding to event decor and floral conception I will create visual boards and mockups that tell your story and provide a cohesive design plan

CREATIVE development

We’ll start with creating the aesthetic foundation for your event. 

Whether you have just one image you particularly like or a mismatched Pinterest board that pulls you in different directions, I’ll help you create a clear visual direction for your celebration. 



 event Design

three Levels of Support for
every occasion


Book Now

Perfect for: People at the beginning of the event planning process or DIY-ers who need practical, real-time guidance. 

→ 1-Hour Zoom Call with Chandon

→ Call Recording

→ Notes & Recommendations 

What is included:

A one-hour consultation call to help you get unstuck at the beginning of the event planning process or solve a few design problems with practical guidance. 

This is the perfect option for someone who wants to design their event themselves but would like professional advice to get inspired or resolve a few burning questions.



Consultation Call

No. 1

Get in touch

Perfect for: People who want a curated and cohesive Big Vision for their special occasion or event. 

What is included:

A comprehensive event design service for people who have an idea of what they want their event to be like, but need guidance on how to cohesively bring their idea to life. This is the perfect service for you if you want your event to have a special, creative touch but don’t have the time to scour the Internet to put your vision together. 

You’ll get multiple visual assets & practical guidance on how to communicate with vendors for a seamless experience.



Event Curation

No. 2

→ 1-Hour Design Strategy Call 
→ Additional Design Support Call
→ 1 Round of Revisions 
→ Vendor Recommendations

→ Event Design Plan
→ Event Color Palette 
→ Finishes & Illumination Guide
→ Floral Design Concept
  • Color Palette Curation
  • Event Inspiration
  • Seasonal Recommendations
→ Branding & Stationery Inspiration
→ Rental Inspiration 

 Design Boards:

Get in touch

*Please note that any travel required outside of the DC area will incur an additional travel fee

Perfect for: People who want imaginative, curated design for all aspects of their event, meticulous execution, and high-touch support. 

What is included:

A full-scope service for people who want full event curation from start to finish and high-touch support throughout the event planning process. 

I’ll curate your design concept, creating everything from your color palette to welcome gifts. I will also communicate with vendors, hand-pick your rentals, and be present on the day of for styling and a flawless execution. 

from $2,500


The Full-Service

No. 3

→ Design Strategy Call 
→ Bank of Additional Calls for ongoing Design Support
→ 2 Round of Revisions 
→ Full Coordination with Design-Based Vendors (Stationery, Floral, Rental, Event Planners) 
→ Venue Walkthrough
→ Day-of Support & Styling (Up to 5 Hours) 
→ Curated Welcome Gift or Favor Selection
→ Rental Selections

→ A Full-Scope Design Plan including all elements from the Event Curation Package. 

 Design Boards:

Visual Mockups:

→ Event Space Layout/ Design
→ Tablescape Design (for up to 2 styles) 


minimum investment- $500

This is the perfect option for a small dinner party or intimate gathering. It can always be added to an existing service, but is also a great option if you are looking for just a few floral elements for at your event.

floral Design

Bespoke stationery design, including: save the dates, invitation suites, and day of details. This is a great add on to the Event Curation and Full Service Packages as it allows your specially curated aesthetic to be carried through all elements of your design. 

Custom stationery Design

Looking to set your event apart? Made for you brand elements or a custom monogram can offer your celebration a unique look and be used across all aspects of your design. From cocktail napkins to custom gifting and signage, the options are endless.

Custom Branding & Monogram

priced upon request

À la Carte

Chandon took my raw thoughts and perfected them with unique details that I’d have never thought of. She’s incredibly thoughtful, and the party turned out beautiful!

- Lindsey, Full Service CLient

Lauren, Full Service Client

“Walking into my daughter’s birthday party, you could already feel how unique and elevated it was. Chandon is incredibly understanding and patient, and everyone was SO impressed!”  

Yes! In most cases, my wedding design services are available online anywhere in the world without an additional travel fee. The only exception is the full-scope service that involves the day of styling and communication with vendors. Travel outside of the DC area is possible, but incurs an additional fee. 

Are your services available online? 

No. 4

I’m always inspired by beautiful and cohesive aesthetics, but I also want your event to encapsulate different elements of your story and express them in unique ways. You can expect your design concept to be rich with purposeful details. 

What is your approach to event design?  

No. 3

Birthday parties, baby showers, luncheons, and engagement parties are just a few examples of events that we can collaborate on together. Get in touch to discuss your options! 

What kind of events can you design? 

No. 2

As an event designer, I help you create a cohesive vision & aesthetic for your event or celebration. You’ll get guidance on essential elements of your event, such as your color palette and finishes. You’ll have a firm foundation to communicate with your vendors and execute your event without having to browse Pinterest for hours or hire a planner (for some events, I still recommend working with a planner or a day-of coordinator).

What is event design? Why should I hire a designer for my event?

No. 1

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