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Bespoke Event Design & curated details

But when you are a working mom, a busy couple, or simply someone who doesn’t have the knack for cohesive aesthetics, creating the Big Vision for your event can quickly become daunting. 

You Want Your
Wedding or Special Celebration
to be a Joyous Occasion.

You Want Your
Wedding or Special Celebration
to be a Joyous Occasion.

Short on time to create and execute everything you have to do for your celebration

Browsing Pinterest or Instagram for hours trying to come up with a cohesive aesthetic for your event

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you have to make and not knowing where to even start

Currently, you find yourself...

So you can celebrate your special day -be it your wedding, your baby turning one, or your grandmother’s 75th birthday 

and create remarkable moments you’ll look back on forever. 

to easily communicate your Big Vision to your vendors for a seamless execution 

Practical Guidance and REsources

filled with intentional details and personal touches that tell your story

curated Aesthetics

so you can create a cohesive and memorable celebration

A Clear event vision

Imagine if you had:

To craft the celebration of your dreams,
 you simply need to have the right tools

To craft the celebration
 of your dreams,
 you simply need to have the
  right tools

It's Time to Leave Decision Fatigue Behind

It's Time to Leave
 Decision Fatigue Behind

So you can impress your guests
with a beautiful and elevated

+ color schemes
+ branding
+ decor
+ floral concepts
+ lighting design
+ tabletop styling
+ day of details
+ welcome gifting

I help you create the aesthetic direction of your event and craft intentional details such as…

As an event designer,

Event design is the intersection of atmosphere and aesthetics. Think of the “atmosphere” as the overall vision and the “aesthetics” as all of the visual details that create and support the vision.

what is event design?

You may be wondering...

An aficionado of impeccable details, I spent thirteen years in the Theatre collaborating with artists across the globe with one main goal: To Tell The Story. 

Now I design intentional and carefully crafted events, but my objective remains the same 

meet Chandon


To express the essence of your story and evoke emotions that leave a lasting impression.

-Lauren, Event design client

"Working with Chandon will be the single greatest thing you can do to make your event
truly remarkable. "

see Event
design services

see Event design services

see wedding design services

Whether you are looking to get inspired or alleviate decision fatigue, multiple levels of support range from
 a Consultation Call to a Full-Scope Service to meet you where you are on your design journey.

Explore the design services below find the offering that is right for you! 

Let’s bring your imaginative aesthetics to life. 

The visual boards and mockups created during the development phase can be shared with your vendors for easy communication and execution. For full-scope services, I'll be with you every step of the way, including day-of styling. 

Now it’s time to make your event personal and truly you. 

With an artistic eye, I’ll help you create unique details. From color schemes and custom branding to event decor and floral conception I will create visual boards and mockups that tell your story and provide a cohesive design plan.

We’ll start with creating the aesthetic foundation for your event. 

Whether you have just one image you particularly like or a mismatched Pinterest board that pulls you in different directions, I’ll help you create a clear visual direction for your celebration. 







How it Works

Bespoke Event Design to Support You on Every Step of Your Journey

The event Design Process

“Chandon is talented. She has an eye for event design that can’t be taught!” 

Alana, Wedding Design Client

event design 

 wedding design 

I believe
great design
is personal.

I believe
great design
is personal.

Weaving together artistry and meticulous attention to detail…

I help you design a celebration that meaningfully tells your story and creates an unforgettable moment that stands the test of time.

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Do you need practical guidance to design your celebration yourself?

Get my step-by-step event design process to create the wedding or special event of your dreams.